Lighter Taco Dip a healthy staple for your party spread

Photo by Kate Penn

Photo by Kate Penn

Creamy and cheesy high-calorie dips often dominate party spreads. It’s the fat in the ingredients that makes that spinach artichoke dip taste so good.

However, one too many chips in the dip bowl, and you’ve taken in a substantial amount of calories before you can even consider indulging in a brownie.

But with a few swaps, we can lighten up said dips to please your taste buds without infuriating your waistline.

This recipe for Lighter Taco Dip uses nonfat Greek yogurt in place of full fat sour cream. Greek yogurt, even the nonfat variety, has a thick and creamy consistency that provides the desired texture.

We also used neufchatel, which has one-third less fat than regular cream cheese, and topped it with reduced-fat cheddar.

If we didn’t tell you it was healthier than traditional taco dip, you’d have no idea.

Find the recipe and a healthy cooking video on No Sweat, York.

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