Let it snow with these DIY snow globes

Photo by Chris Dunn

Photo by Chris Dunn

Want to guarantee yourself a white Christmas?

Then make your own snow globe. This project is an easy, inexpensive craft the whole family can get involved in.

And you probably already have half the items in your home. We reused a pickle jar and you also can substitute baby oil for the glycerin.

What you need

    Glass jars
    Distilled water
    Small plastic items

Step 1
Pick the items you want to place in the jar.

Step 2
Add a thin layer of glue to the inside of the lid. Carefully place your plastic items on lid, make sure not to place too close to edge of lid. Let the glue dry.

Step 3
Fill the glass jar with distilled water, leaving about an ½ inch of air at the top.

Step 4
Pour in a small amount of glycerin and stir.

Step 5
Add glitter and stir.

Step 6
To create a waterproof seal, line the outside top edge of jar with glue.

Step 7
Tightly screw the lid onto jar.

Step 8
Display your finished snow globe or give it as a gift.

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