Create a ‘gourdeous’ Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece

Photo by Jason Plotkin

Photo by Jason Plotkin

We love the ideas of tablescapes — centerpieces that expand to fill the length of your dining table. So we grouped several homemade gourd tea light holders together, anchoring them with a seasonal flower arrangement and some burlap in place of a table runner.

Recreate this festive look in time for Thanksgiving dinner to display your miniature pumpkins for one last time this fall. Your guests will love sitting around this “gourdeous” Pinterest-worthy table.

What you need

    Several small gourds in a variety of shapes and colors
    A sharp knife
    A 1.5 inch spade drill bit
    Tea lights
    Bleach (optional)


    1. Cut the stems out of your gourds — odd numbers look best for groupings
    2. Using your 1.5-inch spade drill bit, drill 1/4 inch down into your gourd
    3. If desired, you can spray your pumpkins with a bleach mixture — this post recommends one teaspoon of bleach per one gallon of water — to make them last up to 10 days
    4. Put tea lights into the holes
    5. Light and enjoy!

How-to video

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